US Accuses Steve Wynn of Lobbying Trump on Behalf of China

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The Justice Department sued the casino mogul Stephen Wynn. He tried to get Donald Trump to deport a Chinese billionaire. When Donald Trump refused, he asked him to help fund his campaign.

Donald Trump was given a photo of an illegal immigrant who had been charged with raping a child. He didn’t do anything about it.

The Chinese businessman is not named, but he matches the descriptions of Guo Wenguifrom the lawsuit. He is a billionaire real estate magnateturned into an outspoken critic of Chinese government self-dealing who formed an alliance with StephenK.Bannon,a former White Housestrategistfor Mr.Trump.Hefled Chinain2014 in anti cipation of corruption charges that he said were retaliatory.The effort to have him returned to the Chinese was unsuccess ful according to the law suit.

Mr. Wynn is accused of having an interest in Macau, a place known for gambling. This is why he resigned as chairman and CEO of his casino company. In addition, he stepped down as finance chair of the Republican National Committee.

Wynn was accused of being a foreign agent by the Justice Department, but he refused to register. He also didn’t make any comments about the accusation.

People who work for foreign governments must register as agents of that government. In this case, the suit says that Elliot Broidy, a Republican fundraiser, was working for China when he tried to get visas cancelled for two other men. He also worked for Donald Trump.

Mr. Sun was trying to get Mr. Guo out of the country. He asked Mr. Broidy to help him do this. Mr. Broidy did as requested.

The Latest on China Key Things to Know

China’s poor harvest means more people go hungry. Food prices rise.

A strict Covid policy is needed to prevent more people getting infected. Companies should be allowed to reopen when the virus is under control. People need to go back to work as soon as possible.

The war in Ukraine. China’s leaders and media are increasingly repeating the Russian’s narrative about the conflict. Their joint propaganda has undermined Western efforts to isolate Russia politically and has found a receptive audiences in the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

Donald Trump was very grateful to Sheldon Adelson after he donated $100 million to the Republican Party. He also wanted to know if Sheldon could get him into Macau.

A lawsuit has been filed against Russia by the US Government. This is the first time since the law was passed in 1938 that a country has been sued for using Americans to influence US politics.


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