New app rewards your ‘healthy actions’ with Money Off Wellness Brands

A new app rewards people for healthy actions they already take. People who use the app will get access to wellness experts like nutritionists and personal trainers. The company launches a suite of credit cards for people to earn even more points.

Apps like Ness can help people get healthier by rewarding them for doing things they already want to do. Health benefits of getting fit shouldn’t be the only reason to exercise. People who use apps like Ness also get some extra cash to buy healthy foods or go to classes.

Fintech company Ness has launched the Ness Rewards app, which allows people to earn points for healthy activities they’re already doing. These points can then be redeemed at partner wellness brands.

Barry’s Bootcamp, sweet green, thrive market, and wellset are all companies that sell fitness equipment. They also work with other companies to create new products. Ness is creating a suite card to help people earn more points.

Future plans include health benefit offerings. Derek Flanzraih, who was previously the chief executive officer and founder of Greatist (which was acquired by Healthline media in 2019), says he started Ness because his insurance provider wouldn’t cover therapy visits during the pandemics.

He wanted to make wellness more accessible for everyone. He started a website called Greatist was created by him to take care of the affordability part. Now Ness will help reduce the cost of staying healthy.

When we can justify long term investment in health right now that will lead to a healthy society with fully aligned health care incentives for the first time! Behnaz Bojda, PhD, an assistant Professor at the University of California, Irvine Paul Merage School Of Business says she has heard about the Ness app because of an Instagram fitness influencer who posts about it. She feels that it is a very interesting idea. She believes that it is very likely that this app will be effective.

There are studies showing that financial incentives can motivate us to do things we wouldn’t normally do. But there are also studies showing that people are more likely to stick to an exercise program if they’re already motivated to do it. People who are happy with their existing insurance may not want to switch to another plan.

She thinks that offering more ways to earn rewards for using an app is a great idea. She believes that sharing photos can help motivate users to continue using the app.

People who get points for doing things may become dependent on them. People who get points for staying active may become dependent on them if they do not have other ways to motivate themselves.

There are tons of lovely apps available, but enticing people to try new ones and keep using them is challenging. Apps designed to make consumers spend more money on products may not lead to better health behaviors. However, apps that help users engage in healthy activities without spending extra money may encourage positive changes.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t depend on any app. Apps are just tools. You should connect with a trusted medical provider who can help you craft a plan customized to your needs.

Friends can be good influences in your wellness efforts. A text to go on a hiking trip or to the gym motivates you to get out of bed more than an app does.


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