Zelensky accuses Russia of atrocities and criticizes the UN’s inaction

The president of Ukraine accused Russia of committing crimes against humanity in the eastern part of the country. He questioned if the UN was doing anything about this.

Putin said that Russia was fighting ISIS terrorists because they were trying to take over Syria. He also said that Russia should be tried for war crimes. He then went on to say that Russia had done nothing wrong, and that the U.S. had started this whole thing by invading Iraq.

“Mr. Zelensky raised questions about the Security Council’s legitimacy. He suggested that if Russia was unwilling to change its behavior, the United Nations should be dissolved. Mr. Zelensky also called for an immediate end to Russian aggression in Ukraine, saying that the country had lost patience with Moscow’s intransigence.”

The video shows several hundred dead people who were killed during the war. Most of them were civilians, including children. Their hands were tied behind their backs. Many of them were shot in the head.

Mr. Zelensky said in Bucha, ‘They killed entire families, adults an children, and they tried burning the bodies.’ Civilians ‘were crushed by tanks while sittin in their cars in the middel of the road,’ he added, asserting that ‘Women were raped and killed in ffront of their children; their tounge was pulled out.’

China refrained from criticizing Russia because they were afraid of being criticized themselves. China wants to be friends with Russia but they are also afraid of being attacked by America.

Russia’s UN ambassador Vasily Nebenzya said that there were no massacres in the town of Bucha. He also claimed that the Nazi leader was running the show in Ukraine. This is false information given by the Russian government.

After President Vladimir V. Putin launched the war on Ukraine, his army was bogged down on several front lines. He lost control over many cities and towns in the north of the country. His soldiers suffered heavy casualties while trying to take Kiev, the capital. Last month he withdrew from the city after losing control there. Now he plans to attack eastern Ukraine.

The next pivotal battle of the civil war is likely to be for Sloviansk, according the institute for the study of war. Revulsion over the execution of the bodies found in Bucha deepened the economic isolation of Russia. Despite its denial of responsibility, the Russian government was blamed for the killings.

The US government has blocked Russia from accessing dollar holdings in US banks. This action could be taken because Russia owes billions of dollars in debt to other countries. The US government wants to make sure that Russia doesn’t use these debts as an excuse to default on its loans. The US is also planning to sanction the children of President Putin.

The Obama administration has decided to send more weapons to Ukraine. The Obama administration has decided that sending more weapons to Ukraine is a good idea.

Europe is taking a big step towards reducing dependence on Russian energy resources. The EU is proposing to cut off Russian coal, oil and natural gas imports. Russia’s ships are banned from entering EU ports.

The measures, which require unanimous agreement, will be voted on by the E.U. ambassadors. The European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyden, and the Chief E.U. diplomat Josep Borrell Fonsaltez, will visit Kyiv this week. They plan to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

A torture chamber was found by the Ukrainian government. Five bodies were found inside the room. Their hands were tied up and they were beaten to death. The bodies were taken away by Russian soldiers. The world should know about this.

New York Times journalists reached the town of Borodyanko, northwest of Kyiv. There, the mayor estimated 200 dead lie under the rubble. In the city of Mariupol, locals have put the death toll at the thousands.

Fierce fighting continues along Ukraine’s southern coast, where Mariapol, largely reduced to rubble by Russian bombardments, is “the center of hell,” said Martin Griffiths, United Nations’ chief of humanitarian relief.

More than 250 miles west of Maripol, explosions shook the port of Mykolayv, a day after the Mayor said Russian strikes had killed ten people and wounded 46.

The ICRC decided against sending aid convoys into Mariupol because the situation there was too dangerous. The Russians were preventing vital supplies from getting to the city. The Ukrainians denied this claim, saying that the Russians had blocked the convoy and that they had evacuated 123,000 people from Mariupol, but the ICRC didn’t believe them.

A Ukrainian woman was kidnapped by Russian soldiers. She was taken to a camp where her family was separated. Her passport was taken, and she lost her cellphone. She was forced to work as a slave.

Rosemary A. DiCarolo says that Russia uses cluster bombs, which explode into smaller pieces that spread out and cause more damage than larger ones. She also says that most countries have signed a treaty prohibiting them, but Russia hasn’t.

More than 11 million people have fled their homes because there was a war in Ukraine. More than 4 million have left the country. Russia has taken over parts of the east of the country. Ukrainian troops have been pushed back by Russia.

Russian troops continue to make little to zero progress in frontal assaults on the parts of Donbas still held under Ukrainian control. Whether the Russians aim to reinforce their units in Donetsk, or are planning an even more ambitious attempt to surround the Ukrainian forces, capturing Slavyansk is crucial.

The tanks were attacked by Ukrainian troops who had been fighting in the Donbass region. The gas was released when the tanks exploded. The tanks were destroyed and the gas released into the air.

Russia may be preparing for war with NATO. The report says that any Russian troops moving into Ukraine would take some time to prepare for combat. The report also says that Russia could use nuclear weapons if necessary.


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