How Colleges Today Are Supporting Student Mental Health

College students struggle with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. They also struggle with substance abuse and suicide. College students are more likely to be diagnosed with mental illnesses than any other age group.

Colleges and universities are starting to address students’ mental health needs. There are many ways to help students. Some schools offer counseling services, while others provide access to other services such as peer support groups. Online resources are also available to help students cope with stress.

Increased awareness from the start

Colleges should make sure to include mental health information in their orientation programs. Students need to know about mental health issues, and colleges should help them understand what to do if they’re experiencing any problems.

Student testimonials were effective in helping Northwestern University students understand mental health issues. Students found the stories easier to remember than the experts’ speeches. Students felt more connected to the struggles of other students who had similar experiences.

Free mental health crossword background, public domain CC0 photo.

Mental illness is a serious issue that needs to be talked about more openly.

Free mental health screenings

Mental Health Checkups are an easy way to get help if you need it. You can take a few minutes out of your day to go to a kiosk and get checked out. People who use the kiosks say that they feel more comfortable talking about their feelings because they know there is someone else listening.

Students who take this test have mild to severe anxiety and depression. They may get help if they need it. Researchers watch them closely to make sure they’re okay.


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