Here’s The Mask that Can Actually Help Protect You From Getting COVID

Fitted N95 masks and air filters are the most effective at protecting healthcare workers from COVID-19. Standard N95 masks and surgical masks do not protect healthcare workers as well.

Health care professionals are still at high risk for contracting coronavirus, but wearing a fit-tested N 95 mask and an HEPA air filter system helps reduce the risk.

According to the study, coronavirus-laden aerosols remain infectious for prolonged periods and travel great distances while remaining contagious. PPE is ineffective at preventing coronavirus infection. Portable air purifiers may be useful in reducing exposure risks.

Healthcare workers should be protected from COVID-19.

coronavirus covid-2019 Girl in mask fear

Researchers looked at three types of masks

HCWs should wear surgical masks while performing aerosol-generating procedure. Even though they may be contaminated by viruses, they shouldn’t worry about this because they are protected by PPE.

Poorly fitting N95 respirators were tested. Only well-fitting N95s reduced viral loads. Wearing a fitted N95 mask along with other PPE was effective.


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