Broadway deal on Rudin shows will limit nondisclosure agreements

The performers and managers will be freed from non-disclosure agreements they signed to perform in four Broadway shows tied to Scott Rudin. The union says the two parties have agreed that in the future producers won’t require actors or managers to agree to these NDAs unless they’re approved by the union, and the union can sign them in limited circumstances to protect IP or financial info.

Rudin was accused of being a tyrant because he demanded secrecy from people working with him. He had to sign non-disclosure agreements before working on any show. This led to a labor dispute. A union representative alerted the union about the contracts.

Rudin was forced to release some employees from non-disclosure agreements after the union requested it. He also had to release some employees from the same non-disclosure agreement because he didn’t want them to talk about the movie.

The union argues that the non-disclosures restrict workers’ rights. He filed complaints against Rudin and his manager; in recognition that Rudi isn’t currently active on Broadway or in Hollywood and that he resigned last season as a member of the theater league, the complaints have been extended to include the theater league, which is a professional organization representing producers.

Nondisclosure agreements were used in these shows. This means that the unions weren’t aware of this until now.

The League of American Theatres and Producers has reached a settlement with the actors’ union. Under the terms of the agreement, the league will release confidentiality, non- disclosure, and non- disparagement agreements to any actor who has signed such an NDA with the league. This includes the four movies produced by Harvey Weinstein.

Non-disclosure agreements are tools abusers use to isolate victims. Union members should be made aware of these agreements and fight them.

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